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So pissed...

I can't believe it. On Monday I'm going to leave for Turkey, and now airports are shutting down due to the huge cloud created by the vulcan Eyjafjallajokull :/

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everybody on my friends list and everyone else :)
The year started tragically, especially because I was on the mountains and half of the week was spent under heavy snow and less skiing than expected, but we had so much fun after all (except for a certain someone who kept whining over the hotel, but it was fine after all XD).
I keep winning travels around the world. Wow it's like the third in 1 year and half. So next April I'll visit Turkey in a one week tour from Instanbul to Antalya.
Any suggestions for the upcoming summer holidays? (I know it's a bit early but I have to make a choice sooner or later).
The few ideas I have are about:
- Continental Greece
- Spain (but just the north or middle part since I have already been to Andalusia)
- Perù or Chile (but it's quite expensive and I'm not sure I could manage the costs this year)
- Anything else?

I have discovered that Paolo (my dear factotum XD) sent out the Christmas Cards I've filled in so late, I apologize if you haven't received them yet (and I asked him just a little favour), this is a quickest way to apologize instead of e-mailing, isn't it?
Well, next year I'll be sure to be on time!

Can life be worse than this?

Today has been one of the worst day in my life, really :(
Well, I need to write it down somewhere just to let everything go, or else I'll get as crazy as Valerio (one of my collegues, I pity him so much). although nobody will probably read it though, but it doesn't really matter.
Let's start with some little premises. I work for the Hilton Franchise and our hotel, located in Malpensa, has been opened since January 2007. I was one of those who opened it. I really put all my efforts in it, because you know how great it is to see something growing especially if you're one of those who has seen its "birth". Ok, so I'm the Finance/Accounting and Human Resources Manager. You all know the global crisis that has afflicted the worldwide economy, and my country is one of the most tormented. After more or less 6 months of struggling I fear that the end is coming and I feel so terribly disappointed. It's not like I'm not fearing to loose my job and to be job-less for a while, but after all I won't be able to find an other job with a decent pay (ok I'm not pretending the 1800 euros I earn up today) immediately and like almost everybody else in my conditions (together with all those who work with me, more or less 60 people) I'm sure that the real crisis is just to begin.
I hate the owner of the hotel, she's just toying with us since she has promised to face all the debts (due by some structural adjustments for the little amount of 1.500.000,00 euros more or less).
I hate her and somehow I hope she'll be arrested, she really deserves a lesson

Bored bored bored

I haven't wirtten for ages (literally). And I haven't anything new to write.
Why life is boring, especially when it rains and you have anything to do? (except for packing up for the upcoming holidays ^__^).
Oh I feel so BORED!


Yep a quick plug of my latest works!
Aozora: the Sola fanlisting. I'm not that satisfied with this layout but I wanted to use the basic idea of the sky, which is the main theme of the serie.
Yaka: the fanlisting for Matsuri from Sola. I love this character, she's so awesome and her seiyuu is simply amazing. This is probably more in Rileth's style after all XD
Cultivated: this one is adopted from Martel (thanks again!!!) and it's dedicated to the seiyuu/singer Yukana, who made an incredible job with CC from Code Geass. This layout is really poor (damn I couldn't find enough images -_-)
Eddie: wow my favourite character from Fire Emblem Akatsuki no Megami, Eddie is great, cute and so easy-going XD.
Lyre: an other great character from the latest FE game. I kind prefer her to Lethe (I didn't enjoy her personality after all and I don't like that much beastts) and she's awesome.
So now I have only 2 upcoming FL: Curio from Romeo x Juliet and Chihaya from Idolmaster Xenoglossia. I've also written an application for Kaze no Stigma but I'm a bit unsure. I liked the latests episodes but uhm I don't know if I'd be the most suitable owner...anyway I'm also thinking about applying for Sorairo Days (the Gurrenn Lagann opening), it's a really cute song after all!

And speaking about something else...damn I love him, but he's so stupid sometimes (and he always trying to know about everybody else businesses...-_-)

Tired -_-

I'm so tired lately, it's mainly because of job or peraphs because someone has noticed my dedication and has started to avoid me. Gosh love it's terrible and I'm lucky enough to understand that I haven't fallen yet for that person.
What else? Well I can introduce a stupid meme.

Tell me a fandom and I'll tell you the character I'm most similar to.

Yeah stupid but it could get interesting.

Icons :)

I was quite bored tonight, so I bring you some sola icons :)


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Oh my...

Tonight I'm going out with him, I might be crazy O_O



Oh yeah today was awful. I quarreled with Valetina for some stupid things and everybody was supporting me (it's strange instead pointing towards peace). Anyway I made an icon for the office network with my face. Doh I've changed the colours too much it seems I have blue hairs XD, that should sound funny though, should I keep this monster XD?
Oh well I don't have any time to rescan it -_-

Bla bla bla

Yes you're right, I don't really have fantasy for titles O_o. Anyway let's start with some random life things, silly peraphs but I'm not that bright XD.
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And speaking about something else...well my internet life isn't that active lately. I still have the Felt fanlisting to complete (almost ready) but I couldn't resist to a few subject and I've applied for them XD
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Nothing else, really, let's go to bed for tonight!

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