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Rileth: 30th January 1981. 25. Aquarius. Resides: Gallarate, Italy. Girl. Fantasy lover. Video-games obsessee. Fanlistings maker. So called webmistress. Dreams to copy the utopic society of Smurfs. Archer fanatic. Jade Curtiss worshipper. Eats books at breakfast. Can rarely be serious. Has a strange and analitic mind. Someday will rule the world Someday the world will kick her away! Is worth $2,372,950 on HumanForSale.com

Network: natuskage.nu akaneia.nu archer.nu black-arrow.org dynami.org

Replies to: Giorgia, Gio, G, Rileth, Ril.

Hobbies: Webdesigning, Reading, Cinema, Anime/Manga, Video Games, Music.

Indefinite...Yes I'm am someone who can't be defined by strict definition. Freedom is something I've always embraced, so what's mostly important to me is the capacity to think freely. I chose things by feelings, sometimes I'm wrong but I'm mostly coherent with the first impressions I get. I'm open minded but till a certain point, maybe because I think that society needs rules, so you have to stick with them and have some limits (but this doesn't imply being less free in terms of mind and thoughts). I don't like that much extravagancy although I can't be defined as a plain person (since I have my original views on many things). I get tired of things pretty soon if I don't notice any particular or developed aspect on them. I always think that life teaches you many things, always, everyday but it's not easy to understand. So basically I try to understand the most I can get from my surrounding. I don't like to condamn or judge people on the first place and you can oftenly hear my several attempts to justify or simply trying to understand everybody actions. I'm analitic after all.

Watching: Lost (season 2), House Medical Division, Code Geass, Otoboku.

Reading: N. (Ferrante)

Playing: Tales of the Abyss, Valkyrie Profile Silmeria, Tales of Rebirth

Top Fandoms: Tales of the Abyss, Code Geass, Fate/stay night.

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